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Partners Maintenance  Drainage  Service

Whether you have a simple blocked sink that is preventing you from
washing the dishes or a Blocked main drain in the  Garden which has
brought the whole house to a standstill you can rely on our plumbers in
Herts and Local plumbers service. Our engineers are
trained to work with your foul mess. No fuss no extra charges just a honest engineer with one goal, to  Clear up your mess and get the drains running clear again. Covering the whole of the M25 area and beyond you wont have to wait long for an engineer to arrive and start work. Our emergency Plumbers in Hertfordshire will react within 1 hour and we will keep you updated throughout the whole job.  No promises we cant keep, just a simple 5 step service designed for our customer.



24/7 Support 08000277335 or 01992660512 (head office)

Follow Our 5 Simple Steps to our Transparent Service

Blocked Drain in Hertfordshire & Local area

As well as blockages, we also carry out drain relining, drain cleaning and descaling, pipe work renewal and septic tank waste removal. All of which can be all be arranged to suit your needs.

As well as clearing blockages, which solves the immediate problem, we also offer a drain descaling and cleaning service to treat the cause of the blockage. The most common cause of blockages comes from deposits of detergent and grease building up, and the second most common is inappropriate disposal of materials. We offer to clean and descale your drains thoroughly either as a one-off service, or as a tailor made regular service at affordable rates. To find out more information, either call one the number which can be found at the top of this page or use the request Call Back icon.

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