How to Choose a Boiler for Your House

 If your boiler has packed-up, leaving you without hot water or heating then you’re probably eager to find a replacement boiler to keep your home nice and cosy in the midst of winter. To help you find the perfect replacement we’ve devised the following guide.

 What Type of House Do You Have?

 Houses come in all shapes and sizes, and coincidentally so do boilers. If you have a large detached house with more than one bathroom and a house full of people, you’ll require a boiler which can cope with the excess strain. With this in mind, you need to consider the size of your house – if it’s small and compact you could easily opt for a combi boiler, whereas if you have a larger home you may want to opt for a conventional boiler.

 What to Choose; a Combi Boiler or a Conventional Boiler?

 To choose a boiler which meets your requirements you first need to understand the difference between these two boilers.  A combi boiler, as the name suggests can provide hot water and heating. It removes the need for large storage tanks and therefore frees up space which is great for smaller homes. The unique design of the combi boiler means that it heats water as and when it is required, and it is this which allows it to be housed in a small unit. It’s precisely for this reason why combi boilers are perfect for terrace, semi-detached, bungalows or small detached homes. In contrast the conventional boiler requires a large storage tank to supply and heat the water. Once all the hot water has been used, it usually takes a while to heat and supply more hot water. However, the conventional boiler is better suited to larger properties which can house the tank without worry and which have various water outlets which are used simultaneously.

If you are still struggling to choose between the various boilers available make sure you get in touch with us at Partners Maintenance and call in a professional plumber in London. 

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