How to Seal Around a Bath

Over time the sealant around the bath tub and wash basin starts to deteriorate, often lifting away from the edge and becoming black with mould. When this happens your bathroom is no longer waterproof, which is why it’s time to consider re-sealing your bath tub and basin.There are two options, you can either do it yourself or you can call in a plumber and they will do it for you. If you are brave enough to try and do it yourself, here is your step-by-step guide.

 Step One: Remove the Old Sealant

This is the fun part, and normally if the sealant is really old it will be hanging off the wall anyway. Gently pull it away from the wall, and for those bits which are a bit harder to get off simply use a craft knife and carefully slice the old sealant off.

 Step Two: Clean the Surface

 Before you apply the new sealant, get some white spirit and dampen a cloth with it. Once you have done this, scrub at the area to remove any build-up of dirt or grease – leaving the area nice and clean. Top Tip: If you have a resin bath fill it with water to weigh it down before applying the sealant.

 Step Three:  Prepare & Apply the Sealant

 To prepare the sealant simply cut the nozzle off at a 45 degree angle. Once you have done this, test that the sealant comes out smoothly. Next, fit the sealant into the mastic gun and gently squeeze – the sealant should come out. Wipe clean and begin in the corner of your basin. Apply even pressure and continuously move the sealant along the edge of the basin. Top Tip: Use the tip of the sealant tube to create a smooth finish.

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